In Altero we strive to create our own processes to close the life cycle of Li-Ion batteries to tackle the global environmental challenges and of energy demand.
We Alter to preserve

Our recycling and transformation processes of Li-Ion batteries provide a friendly environmental solution for the production of strategic materials like cobalt, lithium and nickel that at present are at risk of shortage, without incurring in mining extraction processes.

Batteries as resources not waste

We Transform batteries that have completed their life cycle, recovering critical materials reincorporating them to the manufacturing process of new batteries.


Tons of Li-Ion batteries reach the end of their life cycle annually.


Tons of LI-ion batteries at the end of their cycle are expected to accumulate for the year 2030 worldwide.

Full Services Chain in the Eco-Transformation of Li-ion batteries.

We provide ethical, sustainable services amicable with the environment that generate value to our customers.

Safe Recycling and transformation

In Altero we create technology and processes certified by the environmental authorities which guarantee safety in the transformation of batteries.

Recovery of materials

Our processes allow us to recover valuable materials introducing them again to the supply chain.

Non-conventional Technology

We are pioneers in the design and development of green technology for the management and transformation of electronic waste.

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