At Altero, lithium-ion batteries are transformed through a direct recycling process that does not use chemical reagents. In our process of transforming batteries into usable materials, we control the risk of explosion and flammability. Subsequently, we separate the resulting materials into three strategic product lines for the electrification industry: precursor material for the manufacture of new batteries (black mass), a copper/aluminum mixture (Zorba), and a mixture of organic solvents and lithium salts (Electrolytes).

Black Mass

A product consisting of a mixture of materials from the anode and cathode of the batteries. This material can be directly included in the manufacture of new batteries or can be processed to obtain high-value materials such as cobalt, lithium, nickel, and graphite.

Copper/Aluminum Mixture

This product consists of copper and aluminum sheets. These metals are found in high degrees of purity inside batteries and can be used to manufacture new cells or to replace the demand for these metals in other processes.

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